Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Battle Report: Convergence Proxy Fest

So the other night Lance and I got a game in. eFeora tier 4 list (2 full TFG units, Daughters, min Cleansers, full Choir, mechanic, Judicator, Crusader). Lance had Lucant, Axiom, double battle engines, double mechanics, angels and small based shield wall dudes.

Early on things were looking great for me. My tier bonuses gave +2 SPD for all flameguard models, and +2" deployment zone, and I was going first. I swarmed the objectives and positioned my Judicator to be ready to unleash fiery death the next round. Lance rushed forward and feared with Lucant to improve his chances of surviving. I then purged almost all of his shield wall guys, blocked out one objective entirely and got set up to control the second objective. Then the wheels started coming off the bus.

Axiom managed to get the drop on the Judicator after having a hole sprayed clear by one of the battle engines. Through some crazy rolling, he leveled the Judicator almost entirely. But the damage output didn't stop there. With only 8 points of damage left on the Judicator, the second battle engine strode up and sprayed over Axiom to finish the job. The one saving grace was that Lance's damage rolls were not discriminating and tore the Axiom a new one. After that I was able to take out the Axiom with my Crusader which was in turn taken out by a battle engine and Lucant himself. At this point though I was up on scenario 4-0. Lance then proceeded to roll up a battle engine and drop two 4D6 damage sprays on Feora: 4-6-4-5 and 6-6-4-4. The spiky damage on 2 pow 10 sprays put Feora in the dirt despite her arm 18 status.

And this, my friends, is why I'm so very done with Protectorate.

I will say that I am terribly impressed with the utility of the Convergence battle engine. I'm looking forward to seeing those on the table more. They bring a really unique style of mechanics to the game.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


It's a Stinger! Boom! Nothing else to say!

Monday, November 17, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #67

Again, travel sucks...

So this last week was productive by sheer force of will. I cut back on my Diablo 3 addiction a bit, and worked on things in small chunks. Pictured here is the key stuff. Nemo2 and Caine1 are started, as well as the Ironclad base metal work is done. The former two are part of a big push I'm feeling around getting more casters ready. After having played Haley1 I've got a desire to try some more of the casters. To that end I also got Sturgis and Gaston assembled (pictured here), as well as Stryker1, a Charger and a Sentinel. I've sort of had this push to get stuff assembled and primed so I can get ahead of the painting phase again and this gets me there quite well.

I also finished yet another Stinger which I'll post tomorrow, got a game in last night which I'll post later this week, and generally did some clean up on my painting desk in terms of organizing my tools and such. Hopefully this week will be more productive from an actual paint-on-model point of view given that I'm not planning to travel.

One last quick note: DickBlick has W&N Series 7 brushes available again. Hopefully the US Customs block on sable hair brushes has finally been removed. And no, I don't get any sort of kickback from anyone at all on this. I just like the brushes above all others and wanted to share the word.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cygnar: Rivet Counts

A little random humor for your Friday...

Wow does Cygnar have a lot of rivets. Like, loads of them. Ridiculous amounts. At the beginning I was actually counting them as I trimmed and cleaned the pieces for models. I gave up on the task eventually but I figured I'd share the ridiculousness of how many rivets I did end up counting. I don't claim that these are 100% accurate, but they are pretty close.

ModelRivets each
Storm Strider308
Journeyman Warcaster51
Allison Jakes40

What this means is that I've painted well over 3500 rivets at this point.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fyanna the Lash

This was another cursed model. Got knocked over multiple times. Got primer and paint scratched. Had a missed gap and a missed mold line. Sat on my desk for a long time before getting started. Just generally it took on a will of its own and tried to break me. However I've finished it and happily so. Keeping a Legion model on my desk at all times is a great way to keep my sense of color fresh. I tend to play with color just a little different every time I paint something for Legion and this one was no exception. The skin was standard, but the hair and cloth were both slightly different than how I had done them before.

Monday, November 10, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #66

Traveling weeks suck.

This week was not great for actual painting progress, but I got lots of stuff posted up on the blog. Stuff that I'd backlogged to post but spent the time painting instead during the previous week. Fyanna however has gotten a lot of work done. She's about 75% done at this point, but I haven't even started a base for her. Working on a Legion model again has reminded me how streamlined my Cygnar paint scheme is. Painting this model is much more work given the wider variety of colors at play. I do love painting my Legion though, and particularly these solos that have nice character to them. However it's no wonder I've cranked through a much higher volume of Cygnar in such a short time period than any other faction.

I also worked on a prototype for the Alien Temple bases. I've been thinking about putting my new mercs on these bases to give them their own theme. I wanted something that looked different but I could still get done efficiently. These are not super efficient, but they go pretty quick. I think the real question is whether I actually want to re-base any models or not. This also goes back to my Cygnar Gun Mages being on different bases (and having a different theme as well). I'll probably stall until I've gotten much further through my Cygnar paint queue to make this decision, but having the prototype for this base done now helps for the future. I still need to decide what to do about the bits of moss growth on these bases though. For my own reference, here's what I did so far:
Base coat: Ironhull Grey
Streaks: thinned Underbelly Blue
Wash: SWW Algae
Base coat cracks: Ember Orange
Highlight: Cygnus Yellow
Highlight: Cygnus Yellow + White
Highlight: White

And finally, a big reason I haven't gotten more done this last week is that I've been re-bitten by the Diablo3 bug along with a couple buddies of mine. I've been playing a lot and this is an example of one of my recent spoils. I'm not proud of how much I've played but sometimes my inner muse needs a break with some semi-mindless button clicking.

Saturday, November 08, 2014


Getting Thorn done was a small bit of focus and willpower for me. After already painting a pair of Lancers, it was a little difficult to get excited about painting another arcnode but since he was already base prepped and his glow work got done with the Stormglad and Defender, it was a little easier to get moving on him. The rounded shoulders made this one a little weird to work on compared to most of the other Cygnar jacks that don't have as much of a bubble look to them. As a result I felt like this one needed more insignias to disguise the lack of proper highlighting.