Sunday, October 23, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #135

I'm sleepy...

Spending a lot of time on this one model. Really enjoying it too. I'm getting close to done, but still a few hours more work left to do.
Also primed the Bloodwretches. Other stuff got done as well. I'm down to 3 remaining Legion models, none of which I'm at all interested in painting of course.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bolt Thrower (take 2)

Plastic Bolt Thrower from the Legion box. Definitely like the original metal sculpt better. Also doesn't help that I speed painted this one pretty aggressively.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Project Desk Rescue: Why?

As if having the Barcade project wasn't enough, I'm starting this effort to make better use of the space on my desk.

So my painting desk (which occasionally doubles as my work-from-home desk) is a pretty intense little spot in terms of what's packed into it. It's the result of years of evolution of painting and trying to make the space as useful as possible. Lately however I've started to feel like it needs a bit of a focused makeover. There's 4 key spots in particular.

First, my paint rack is overflowing. As visible in the bottom right of this picture, there's a box of extra paints that don't fit on my paint rack anymore. This happened due to acquiring more paints than the rack was originally built for. The rack I have now is one that I built myself, which I'm very proud of. The rack is stained a nice color, and doesn't look like I just glued a bunch of leftover wood together. It took me a decent amount of time to build too so I'm loath to replace it. I need to make a decision as to what to do here.
a factor in this decision is the sheer storage issue. The current rack has capacity for 150 dropper bottles, however I have over 200 dropper bottles now. It also has a top surface for putting things on top of which is always full of stuff that's either reference, or in progress, or just inspiration or utility, and I'm always shuffling stuff on that top surface. It also has a flat open space in front for holding various paint pots, of which is always full and tends to not get touched too much. I also end up putting my brush trays on top of the paints in that lower section when I need more desk space.

Second, my computer just takes up a bunch of space. And the size of my current paint rack is sort of an artifact of the amount of remaining desk space after the computer monitor. Now straight up I'm not replacing my iMac. It's a 2010 model and still performs everything I need, and does it flawlessly. What I really need is to have it on an arm mount so I can shift it around easier. There's a big problem though, which is that the mid-2010 21" iMac that I have has no option to remove the built-in stand.

Third, which isn't really a problem, is my lighting. I unfortunately saw this picture of Mathieu Fontaine's painting desk which includes (among many other badass things) a lighting halo. Now I don't know how practical this will be for my space, but I'm curious to see what it would take to build something similar from a dollar perspective. I really do love my lamp, but there's a potential that this light halo could be both better and cheaper.

And fourth? Well there's just a lot of stuff that ends up on my desk. Some of it could be better organized, such as spare brushes and tools. There's loads of other storage beside and under my desk, but the desk itself follows my 90% rule, which is to say that I try to only keep stuff on it that is getting used 90% of the time that I'm at the desk painting. Lots of things have accumulated on my desk again and I just need to clean it up and figure out how there can be a spot that's routinely dedicated to some amount of spillover junk.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Malifaux Campaign Week 2 (game 2)

Super fast notes.

It's always unfortunate for a neutral model when they flip a black joker against Nekima's attack. Ouch.

Played my second game for week 2. My Neverborn crew against Henry's Gremlins. He outnumbered me and honestly that allowed him to really dominate on the strategy as well as with schemes that required placing scheme markers. In hindsight I probably should have focused my scheme choices better. In the end I had 7 VPs and Henry had 10 VPs. We both accomplished our bounties which meant I completed mine.

I'm pretty beat and afraid I might be fighting off a flu, otherwise I'd do a longer write up. Most of these campaign game reports are likely to get shorter going forward though.

Games this year: 51

Scion of Black Blood

Probably could have done more on this guy. Not the most interesting pose though.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Project Roadrunner's Barcade: Planning

Occasionally this blog will be the destination for other projects than my normal miniatures painting. This new project is one such situation. So for all my followers that don't care about this, sorry. You can merrily skip anything that starts with "Project Roadrunner's Barcade" or are tagged with "barcade".

So what is this? It's pretty simple. My son (who is in 1st grade) wasn't able to join the local coding class due to many factors. So I decided that a project at home was a good alternative. Coincidentally a friend and co-worker had sent me pictures of the bar-top arcade that he built. There's a ton of tutorials online for this so I'm not going to spend a ton of time explaining how we build ours. Instead I'm going to document the details that we need to keep track of and the fun that we're having building it together.

First some links:
This guide is a primary source for details.
This one also though which is linked from this Reddit post.

Today we went ahead and ordered a bunch of parts:
Raspberry Pi 2 with power supply and plastic case and heat sinks
Arcade joysticks and buttons with controller card
19" LCD flat panel monitor
Power cord inlet
Micro SD card

There's a bunch more stuff we'll need eventually, and I'll certainly need tools, but first I want to get the basics together. Our first task once the parts start to arrive will be to assemble the control console I think, which will require wood and tools as well as some electronic assembly. I'm also planning to get some plexiglass cut for key pieces of the cabinet, such as the controls console. There's a local place that I can get that done at a local plastics specialty place.

Updates will be sporadic as we make progress. Wish us luck!

Other less important links:
This place sells pre-cut panels which I may go to if I get sick of doing all the MDF cutting myself.
This is a smaller module version that plugs into the TV. Here's another version

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


These were very satisfying models to paint. So quick and easy. I think I actually spent more time making the bases. I really like the look of these. It makes me somewhat eager to paint more swampfiend models now.

Malifaux Mini-Campaign: Weeks 2 and 3

So I forgot to post results from week 2 of the mini-campaign, so here's highlights from weeks 2 and 3:
* I completed my bounty and saved enough scrip to get Pandora for week 3.
* The final VP score overall was 21 (me) to 17 (Lance). The last game is what swung the whole thing.
* The Widow Weaver with a Jetpack is so much awesomeness.
* There were a lot injuries, which is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.
* Have a game with a master in one crew but no master in the other can make for a pretty serious power slide, but not necessarily insurmountable.
* This game continues to be super fun.

We've decided to conclude this mini-campaign now that our 3rd member of our 3-man-meta has returned from vacation. However this side diversion has been really educational in terms of getting more solid on the core rules, our own models, the campaign dynamics.

Games this year: 50

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stitched Together

Most of my gallery posts have been brief, but this pair deserves a little extra attention. These models were amusing to paint mostly because they practically tell a story all by themselves. I spent a lot of time doing little patches of crosshatching in order to imply the canvas fabric to the look of the surface. I then buried that under many layers of thin washes. I was specifically aiming to create a bit more texture to the canvas so that it contrasted well with the metals and especially with the spilling intestines.
Then there was the basing. These represent my first "puppet" models based. I'm hoping that it's self-evident what I did, but here's the explanation. The base is a carved control which then has strings running to the models' arms. The string is actually thin fishing line which I then coated with SWW Amethyst as added some pink highlights to.