Thursday, May 26, 2016

Countdown to LnL2016: 2 Weeks

2 weeks! Crazy!

Scott's Pro Tips (this week) for packing:
Bring spare card sleeves for Mk3 cards.
Bring a water bottle to refill at the fountain there.

Travel - Check. Car serviced.
Hotel - check
Food - Check. Snacks and drinks loaded in my car.
Model transport - Check. Got 2 tool boxes and a cookie sheet. And an additional storage tray thanks to my buddy Lance!
Shopping - check
Gaming equipment - check
Tokens - check
Repair kit - check

Masters - Check. Registered! Lists finalized.
Unbound - Check. Finalized my list.
2nd Unbound - check

At this point I mostly just need to pack. I'm trying to get a couple more practice games in prior to going, but otherwise everything has come together.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Battle Report: Sturgis vs Skarre2

No picture this time.

My list: Sturgis, Squire, Stormwall, Jakes, Dynamo, Stormblades (6+UA+3WA), Stormblade Captain, Stormsmith, Tarin, Aiyana & Holt, Harlan, Effigy of Valor Objective.

My opponent: Skarre2, Skarlock, Deathjack, Nightwretch, Aiakos, Sepulcher, Bane Riders (5), Mobeus, 2 Bloat Thralls, Necrotech, 1 Scrap Thrall, Effigy of Valor Objective.

Scenario: Destruction, 60 minute death clock.

I lost initiative which let me pick sides. Cryx jammed in, and I advanced a cautious amount. The Bloat Thralls, thanks to Black Spot, managed to do a real number on my Stormblades which was really devastating. From there the Bane Riders formed a line at the front edge of the zone and Skarre feated to make 3 of them immune, along with the DJ and herself. In order to try to dig my way out of this roadblock, Aiyana put harm on one of the Bane Riders (thus affecting the whole unit), and then Holt and Jakes shot one off the end. Sturgis then charged the other non-immune one, putting himself within 3 of the other 3 in the unit. After killing the 2nd one, he feated and was able to boost damages on the others. Unfortunately at effective POW 14 vs ARM 20 and 5 wounds, Sturgis needed 11's to kill and managed to roll 3 10's in a row, leaving all 3 with 1 HP left. He then teleported back and from there it was mostly an attempt to jam. The Stormwall advanced and used a Stormpod drop to clear one of the wounded Bane Riders and leave metal storm templates on top of those Bane Riders and force movement. At this point my remaining Stormblades just tried to get in the way. It was at this point that things went south. Skarre loaded up the DJ, used Perdition to kill a Stormblade and grant a full advance to the DJ, who then could walk over to Sturgis and proceeded to punch him down to pulp.

Lessons learned: I still love playing Sturgis. He's such a fun toolbox for my play style. Also, Perdition is totally a thing to watch out for. Plus, I really don't enjoy playing against Skarre2, but I feel like I nearly weathered this one well if it wasn't for a couple position errors.

Games this year: 23

Monday, May 23, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #123

Late update. Another boring week.

More progress on the Vault. I was traveling for work again this week, and generally had a very hectic week due to family stuff. So the progress isn't amazing, but it's getting there.

Paint Target: Complete All Models
Sacral Vault - painting

Sunday, May 15, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #122

Boring week to report on.

I'm posting this early since I'm hoping to get a game in later tonight. Lots of work on the Sacral Vault this week. All three gators for it are done, along with the base. The vault itself is in progress, as pictured here. Hoping to crank this sucker out over the next week.

On another note, I still haven't locked in lists for LnL.

Paint Target: Complete All Models
Sacral Vault - painting

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Battle Report: Stryker3 vs Skarre2

This battle should be named "Oh how I can't wait for Mk3".

My list: Stryker3 (tier 4), Stormwall, Ol Rowdy, Storm Lances (5), Tempest Blazers (5), Laddermore, Stormblade Captain, Effigy of Valor Objective.

My opponent: Skarre2, Skarlock, Deathjack, Nightwretch, Aiakos, Sepulcher, Warwitch Siren, Bane Riders (5), Blood Witches (6+UA), Effigy of Valor Objective.

Scenario: Incomming, 60 minute death clock.

I won initiative and opted to go first. I immediately jammed forward about as far as I could, especially with the Stormwall. At the end of my turn though, I realized I had left Stryker directly behind my own objective which was going to cause movement problems on the next turn. My opponent then spent a considerable amount of time mulling over how to respond to a serious jam. His response was pretty well done actually. He managed to get Black Spot on my Blazers which allowed him to shoot 4 of them off the table between Skarre and the Sepulcher. From there things got nasty for us both. I ended up jamming in the Stormwall but a Deathjack/Sepulcher counterattack destroyed it. At this point things were pretty desperate with Skarre toe'ing into both a forest and the Stormwall's wreck. My options kept getting more and more narrow, but I did my best to stay in the fight and attrition him down where I could. In the end he managed to dominate his friendly zone and take out my objective to score enough points, with less than a minute on his clock I might add. Well done Henry!

Lessons learned: Stryker3 is still fun. It's not a particularly amazing list, but I'm feeling better and better about it. This might be one of my Masters' lists now.
On a side note, there was a bunch of stuff in this game that makes me look forward to Mk3. First is the wreck stuff. Second, and more importantly, I had 2 failed command checks in this game (once on Blazers near the start, and second on Storm Lances late game).

Games this year: 22

Friday, May 13, 2016

Countdown to LnL2016: 4 Weeks

Only 4 weeks left! So excited!!

Travel - Vehicle service scheduled for this coming Monday.
Hotel - check
Food - I need to make sure I have a plan for bringing snacks and drinks with me, especially for Unbound.
Model transport - Got 2 tool boxes and a cookie sheet. Still need some additional storage.
Shopping - check
Gaming equipment - check
Tokens - check
Repair kit - check

Masters - Registered! Need to finalize lists, and ADR (if applicable).
Unbound - Need to finalize a list.
2nd Unbound - check

Remaining Paint Queue: nothing!

As a last note, I took a picture of my entire Cygnar collection which I plan to bring to LnL for random games. I'm also hoping that my tweet of it will help secure my Unbound game being against Jason Soles finally this year.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From the Desk: Painting Videos

If you're relatively new to painting, go watch these for education.

If you've been painting a long time, go watch these for amusement.

SDUB's Paint More Minis videos