Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alexia Finished!

Close to 6 hours of painting time. She turned out ok. The cloak is definately not what I was originally planning, but it worked out ok enough. I can always paint another one I suppose. I tried a tiny bit of OSL (Object Source Lighting) on the sword and runes, but I suspect I need alot more blending practice before I can do that effectively. Overall I'm happy though. My inner perfectionist is disappointed but hey, she's paintined and ready for the case.

I think I've finally got a photo setup that is workable for me now. I'm also able to use Gimp well enough to resize and color correct images. I'm using a different camera than before that my Dad provided for me. Eventually I'll do the research on cameras and make a final decision on one. Next post, after the camera batter recharges, I'll post pics of Alexia's Risen, Thralls, and the whole mob together.

On to Ashlynn!

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