Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back to Action

Well, I'm back from my cruise, and I'm stoked to be painting again. The cruise was great, and in a divergence from my normal painting-focused entries, here's some highlights:
  • Got lots of sun
  • Went ATV riding through St Maartan (favorite thing)
  • Went horseback riding in the ocean (literally, up to my waist!)
  • Went helmet diving in St Thomas (spooky but fun)
  • Read Generations
  • Nearly finished The Fabric of the Universe by Brian Greene
  • Relaxed a ton
  • Ate way too much
  • Saw a pile of movies: Monster House, The Hoax, The Holiday, Evan Almighty, License to Wed, Zodiac, others that I can't remember, plus alot of football

Oh, and an additional side note, the pureblood that I painted for my buddy Sean won best painted model at the Stampede tourney at his LGS. I'm stoked. It gets me even more pumped up for Kublacon.

Time to get crackin! I got the 5 Krielstone Scribes primed and awaiting paint right now. Then on to solos once I'm warmed up again.

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