Saturday, December 01, 2007

WWX: The Line Between Fur and Skin

I've started working the furs now. This is the point where the model is in an in-between state and I get frustrated cause it looks sucky. I'm basically hitting the fur areas with a base coat of Trollblood Highlight, and then catching the sculpted fur bits with highlights of Frostbite and then Morrow White. I've also used some Ironhull Grey and Coal Black to blend and smooth the transitions between the fur base coat and the skin. I'm about 30% done at this point and need to take a break to go out, but figured I'd snap a pic anyway. I'll probably get back to it more tonight. I'm thinking that I'll need to do a couple very thing washes of Coal Black of even just straight black to bury the fur highlights a bit and tone it down.

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