Saturday, February 13, 2010


Very quick post here for the Templar. This wraps up the plastic jack kit. This was most definitely a speed painting job. I have to admit that I really dislike painting these stocky Protectorate jacks. The lines and surfaces of the model are just frustrating and it is hard for me to really get at all excited about it. So, I muscled my way through this one and got it done. This model was definitely painted just for table play. I was going to snap additional pictures of the various configurations, but my camera's battery died and I didn't feel like waiting for it to charge back up.

As a side note of process, in order to paint the various magnetized bits, I put together these little holders. They're just wooden sticks with metal alligator clips on the end for them to stick to.

One last note before I go, there's a definitely one advantage to plastics. When I was getting ready to take it outside to seal it with gloss coat, I accidentally tripped and every part took a 4 foot header to the floor. Amazingly, no damage was incurred to the paint job!

Ok, now it's on to painting something a bit more inspiring to get me energized again.

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Netfrost said...

Yeah, plastics are great for that...
When I used to play GW games, I never coated the plastic minis... and I'd dump them in a box and no damage to the paint.