Saturday, November 20, 2010

Foodmachine Summary

This report is long overdue, but [insert flimsy excuse about work kicking my butt] so I'm just now getting this posted. Overall Foodmachine was a big success at our LGS. I'm not going to do a full overview of the whole tournament since our local PG wrote up a nice post about it as well. 250+ cans! 13 players representing 9 factions! Overall a rousing success! And I have to give props to our player base for how much stuff was painted.

For those of you not familiar with Foodmachine, well, I'd be shocked if you don't know what it is. For our LGS, they exchanged cans for tickets at tournament registration. Then during the course of a tournament you would rip the tickets in half whenever you used them. We used a subset of the full Foodmachine rules pack and just allowed 1 ticket to reroll any one dice roll of your own (not your opponents). This included starting dice rolls, damage locations, deviations, and pretty much any dice roll that could come up. However you could only reroll a single dice roll once, and you rerolled all the dice.

For my first list I brought an Absylonia tier 4 list, which included a Scythean, Typhon, a Harrier, a Stinger, a Shredder, 2 Forsaken, and a Shepherd. I had intended this to be my primary list, but I ended up only playing it once. I have to say, the Stinger's animus is proving to be more and more useful. It was instrumental in letting Typhon blast a bunch of guys and then scurry away to avoid being countercharged. And Absylonia is just a blast to play. I like her because she isn't really a "playbook" caster with a set battle plan. Plus, she's a closer. If she needs to swoop in and finish off an enemy caster, she can do it in most cases. I can see myself playing a lot more of her.

My second list was eLylyth, 2 Ravagores, a Shredder, a Stinger, 2 Forsaken, and a Deathstalker. This was my go-to list when I was facing a primarily melee-based army. It brings a lot of unquenchable strength to the table and I'm becomming more and more comfortable with the eLylyth/2xRavagore configuration. It poses a challenge because of the need to estimate the ranges without having a control area that supports that estimation better. However the combination of really long range and eyeless sight is pretty powerful.

My rounds didn't go so well overall. Round 1 was against my arch-nemesis Henry and his Khador eSorcha Winterguard Deathstar. I was totally beating him and then I blew it and got eLylyth in range of eSorcha's whoosh-assassination and he slayed me.
My second game was against Justin's pDeneghra list which was melee heavy. I rolled out eLylyth and would have won except that my dice totally failed me at the end. I needed to roll an 8 on 3 dice, and even with a reroll I failed.
Then I got the by... POUT!
Then I played Ray's Grissel list using my Absylonia list and we had a good old fashioned face punching time. It was a total blast. I eked out the win at dice down by having gained a control point in the Capture-the-Flag scenario and preventing any points for him.

All things considered I had a good time. My real bummer was that I still had almost 60 tickets left at the end (out of my 82) and just never had enough opportunity to spend them. But still, I had a good time and got to play 3 very fun games. I also won a randomly drawn prize of a gift card, so the tournament paid for my latest issue of NQ, which I can't complain at all about.

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Hello there! Congrats on a great Foodmachine event. Would you like to send me a report of the results? We're looking for this information to enter you into the competition for PP's banner prizes:

Store Name
# of Players
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Highest individual donation

Also any photos of the people and/or cans at the event would be great. Send along the info to