Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RtC: Progress is Progress

Some nights I get a lot done. Others... well, it's a struggle to get anything done. If I know that I'm going to have a tight evening for time, I tend to focus on things where a small amount of time can still net progress that feels good. This evening was one such evening. I opted to get some assembly work done on the War Hog. I had about an hour so I reviewed the pieces to assemble and strategized on where to start. This model will require a fair amount of putty work, I determined which pieces were key to get done first so that putty could dry before moving on to other parts. The big key part here was the lower body. I scored these two parts and put them together with putty. I needed to do a slight bit of cleanup for the rope that runs around the waist due to a break where the join was. Easy enough though.

Next I worked on putting the smokestacks and aggression dial on to the upper body. While not strictly a key part to get done, these were easy to put together with just a bit of putty work.

Lastly I assembled the left arm, putting the hand onto the forearm. Although the join surfaces are pretty substantial, I opted to pin these together. I tend to be a little extra crazy about pinning even though it takes some extra time. I've rarely felt like pinning was wasted effort however, and with my dremel in hand, the work is pretty quick.

Well that's all for tonight. As I mentioned, progress is progress. This model has a target date of May so I feel a slow-and-steady attitude will serve me well.

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Nixon said...

I do know what you are talking about.
Keep it up!