Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nephilim Bolt Thrower

Two down! Again, brief review on this one. I think the Bolt Thrower was my favorite of the three sculpts. Not my favorite to paint though, due to the inaccessibility of some of the areas of the model. But sculpt-wise, it's pretty amazing. The muscles, armor, crossbow, and pretty much everything has a lot of nice detail to it. This one also afforded some variation in color with the wood grain. For that I used a base of Rucksack Tan, then painted thin lines using VMC Pale Sand, then washed that with slightly thinned VMC Wood Grain. Quick but effective.

Ironically, after I sealed it, I noticed an oversight. It's annoying when that happens. However it's the back side of the crossbow where it's hard to even notice, so I'm not going to worry about it. The metal is basically painted as wood instead, so it's not very obvious anyway.

Ok, so one more to go. My goal is to have him done by tomorrow night, but I still have a lot of metal highlighting left to do, not to mention basing him. Back to work!

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Nixon said...

Looks good, I really like the skin-tones.