Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bethayne, Voice of Everblight

This wraps up my current unpainted Legion models, and (until eVayl comes out) a complete set of all the warlocks and beasts. The pictures here are a little dull for some reason, despite shooting them multiple times. The metal for her blades is highly washed out. I really need an overhead light.

This model was pretty fast and easy to paint, with the exception that her right hand is covering her chest and made it a little rough to get in there with the brush. However the rest of it went pretty well. I gave her a much darker skin tone that most of the other warlocks, mainly to give a bit more color contrast with the rest of the surfaces. The blue/black leathers and metals needed some contrast so the darker skin tone pushes more into the purple to help achieve that.
Painting both Bethayne and Belphagore at the same time turned out to make things much easier. They had a lot of common surfaces to paint, but each one had more of one type of surface than the other in general. For example, Bethayne's flesh is much more obvious than Belphagore's, whereas Belphagore's armor is clearly more prominent than Bethayne's. So painting process wise it worked out well because I could mix paint and concentrate more on one than the other as I worked each section.

Well, that's it for today. My desk is remarkably barren at this time so I need to get to work assembling something to paint next, provided I don't get distracted further by reading Domination.


Maxus said...

Did you also paint the half part of Bethanyne, so it can fit into the beastie?

and what happen with your krylon mishap? I haven't had any difficulties with it.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful unit! I love your painting style.

Scott said...

I didn't paint the other part. I opted to just put Belphagore together as just one piece and skip the magnetized part. Too much of a pain to paint the separate pieces and make sure they were properly protected from damage. I'd rather just get a second model set and do a proper conversion to make the melded pair look like the artwork.

I'll do another post in the near future about the Krylon stuff, but I added a comment to Belphagore about the Krylon if you're antsy for a hint.