Thursday, December 29, 2011

From the Desk: Yay for Vacation!

I'm actually painting again, and not just a little. I'm getting a good 2 hours of painting in each day lately. It helps that I'm on vacation. I'm pretty focused on eVayl right now since it's my only unpainted Legion model, but also because it's a really sweet model. So far I'm enjoying painting this model since everything is fairly accessible. There's some awkward places to reach though, like her left cheek and the joins between her cape and back. However so far things are going smoothly. Not picture here is further progress on the Bull Snapper, and I started Tarin last night as well.

I found a little extra motivation recently when I put in my model collection into iBodger and noted what was painted and what wasn't. Even though I update my blog with that information, the iBodger representation gave me a different perspective by showing percentages:
  • Legion - 99.0% painted
  • Protectorate - 98.0% painted
  • Mercenaries - 97.4% painted
  • Cryx - 95.6% painted
  • Cygnar - 87.5% painted
  • Minions - 30.8% painted
It was easy to look at the various factions and see 1 or 2 unpainted models and just skip over them. But these percentages really strike a nerve in my inner completionist. Time to harness that OCD energy!

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Rob said...

That's aweseome numbers of completed models, wish I could get mine that high :-)