Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Naga Nightcrawler

Once again I'm fully painted on Legion beasts. This particular model was an interesting change from the others. It has relatively little skin which posed a problem for me. Specifically getting a glowing rune on him. But after consulting with some friends of mine, I settled on the neck near the base of the skull and it worked out fine.

What worked well:
* Speed painting this guy worked great. He really only took about 3 nights of painting to get done, and while working on other projects as well.
* Including the rune was good, even though I was hesitant. I like the way it worked out.
* Simplicity over complexity. Rather than trying to get fancy with basing or color schemes or whatever, I decided to keep things simple and I think it really paid off.

What could have been better:
* The "legs" could stand out a bit better. They sort of blend in, but even on the studio scheme they tend to blend in as well.
* More shading on the undersides of various places of chitin would have helped bring a little more dramatic feel to the overall look. I just didn't take it that one extra notch.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! That looks amazing! I must know how you did the chitin plate!

Geekly said...

The rune is a great touch! Beautiful model.

Scott said...

I can't recall the exact formula, but it was washes over a white base, using some 2-brush blending to push the washes into the recesses. Something like Jack Bone, then Bloodstone, then Sanguine Base, then Ordic Olive, then finally Umbral Umber. And for some final shading I used some Secret Weapon Sewer Water wash to shade the surfaces that were on lower sides.