Sunday, July 07, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #33

Early and short posting cause I'm about to get on a flight for Australia.

Lylyth 3 progress. She's pinned to the base but needs some work to hide one of the pins better. I also want to visually break up the snow a bit more so I'm going to add some grass tufts. Other than that stuff though, this part is mostly done at this point.

Here's the other parts not finished/attached. The parts are all about 50% done at this point. I was originally pretty psyched about this model, but as time wears on, I'm having so many logistical challenges with painting it that I'm running out of steam quick. Painting it in parts was pretty much required, but holding those parts has all been a real challenge.

And 2 Shredders that are still in progress. They are what I do when I'm just waiting for specific tasks to dry on Lylyth. There's lots of work left on these but they are small and fast to paint overall.

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