Monday, August 05, 2013

Battle Report: CoC Event Tournament

Quick photo dump of the CoC event at my LGS. Mostly pictures of all the armies that were submitted for the best painted army competition.

This was my buddy Bryan's sweet Ret army. Love his colossal!
Another nice Ret army. I didn't get to play against this one either.
This pirate army was from another guy I've played before, Matt, who I got to play. He crushed me with a Damiano list. And by crushed, I mean it was super close. At dice down, he won by 1 destroyed army point. Doh!
This pStryker army was fielded by a new young player named Keb. He'd painted this whole army over the course of the last month. It's the first painting he's ever done too apparently. I was not only impressed by his painting already, but also at his poise during the game. He beat me by clocking me out actually. He had the presence of mind to play to the clock when he realized I was running myself out.
A circle army that I neither played against nor even actually saw in action.
Likewise, another army I never played against. I was quite amused that a second Archangel appeared at the event though.
Another army I didn't play against. I think all said and done there were 5 colossals/gargantuans at this event.
This was a really nice Cygnar army that I spent a bunch of time looking at. I didn't get to play against it, but between games I was looking it over a bunch. Honestly, for the painting competition, this was my top vote. If he'd had a jack heavy list, I bet he would have won best painted.
This Haley (from the above army) was really striking to me. The orange set into the cloak really helps tie the overall appearance together so well. Just really like this paint job a lot.
Like I said above, if he'd had a jack heavy list, he would have won best painted. Love this jack!
This was one of the custom terrain pieces that someone made for the event. Really liked this one.
A second one created for the event. Also pretty cool.

So how did I do? I went 1 and 4, and only cause I had the bye round. Otherwise I got shut out completely. However I won the best painted army with my Lylyth3 list, probably mainly due to the Archangel being in that list. I had a great time and really fun games overall. Honestly I kinda like being in the losing bracket cause then I don't stress about winning as the tournament goes on.

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