Saturday, June 14, 2014

From the Desk: Storm Clouds Have Gathered

For several months I have been accumulating Cygnar models. This actually started quite some time ago when my buddy Mike gave me a Nemo3 blister that he won in a raffle at a tournament. It was sort of a taunt and sort of because I'd mentioned how awesome I thought Nemo3 was both in terms of stats and sculpt. I then accumulated a couple random models, traded for second hand stuff, and then was pushed over the edge when Lance and Henry bought me a Stormwall for my birthday quite unexpectedly. At that point I was definitely at a point of no return. So now I am officially declaring my launch into Cygnar. Much like when I launched into Croxorz, my goal is to get a force on the table and just enjoy playing them. I'll post my progress as things move along, however there's some framing to the first big chunk that will limit what exactly I blog.

My smaller play group in this area is doing a pseudo slow grow league, and we're kicking it off with a 15 point reveal somewhere around the beginning of August. To that end, I'll be working on stuff but not posting progress until we do this first reveal with each other. I'll drop some hints on this blog on what my first 15 points will be.

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