Saturday, February 07, 2015

Battle Report: Stryker1 vs Axis

My list: Stryker1, Stormwall, Sentinel, Squire, Reinholdt, Jakes, Charger, Storm Strider, Storm Tower, Strangeways, Journeyman, Ironclad, 2 Stormsmiths.

The game: My opponent fielded Axis, Axiom, 2 Conservators, Corollary, 2 Projectors, Optifex Directive.

We played the SR2015 Fire Support scenario. I should note that we both picked objectives but I can't remember either of them since they never ended up being relevant. I won the roll and opted to go first despite my instincts telling me to go second. The game was an entrenched war of attrition with a lot of back and forth. The CoC battle engines are really nasty to deal with since sprays are just so much harder to avoid. Plus the fact that it gets 2 base sprays makes it that much nastier. Definitely one of the more powerful battle engines. After a protracted battle, the game finally ended when I'd managed to dig myself out of a control point trailing and win by scenario. I will concede that I had pretty decent dice rolling as an overall average which helped me take down the Axiom.

Lessons learned: Stryker1 is amusing, but the army automatically gets built more around attrition than it does assassination. However for scenario it is really helpful to be able to jam in on round 2 and just hope to deliver a strong enough counterpunch. Going with a heavy arm skew was an amusing change for me. I'm also still a big fan of the Storm Strider since it's like half a Stormwall.

Games this year: 10

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