Monday, July 13, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #91

Short update cause I'm exhausted.

I meant to get this out yesterday but the crazy situation in my household caused me to fall asleep early. Hence, a day late and, well, just a day late. So what's been happening on my desk lately? Well...

Siege, Triumph and the Avenger are all done and just need final seal coats. I'll have pictures of them this week. I got the riders for the Tempest Blazers primed and Saeryn/Rhyas assembled. I also got Zuriel mostly assembled. He's going to require some up-front basing work to get ready but that will make things much easier in the final steps. I also started monkeying around with some terrain stuff but odds are low that I will give it much attention during the next couple weeks. At this point I have almost everything in my backlog assembled, with the exception of finishing Zuriel, and then assembling Stryker3, Kraye, and a second unit of Stormguard.

I've been watching some basing tutorials off and on and it's getting me all excited to paint something to premium quality again, which may end up being the twins if I don't find a suitable alternative.

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