Sunday, September 13, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #93

Stupid Diablo 3 has claimed my life again.

I'm going to be honest here: Painting and miniatures in general just haven't been a passion for me the last 3 weeks. School started for my son and it's been a rough transition to Kindergarten for him. Between challenges there and the stress of building the annual operating plan, my life has been pretty upside. I've fallen into a pit of booze and Diablo 3. A small amount of painting has gotten done, but very minor. My friends are sort of in a similar slump as well so it's sort of well timed.

So in an effort to get ourselves focused, we've set a goal to have 1500pts of DZC painted by Oct 13th. In that vein, let's see if I can focus on this specific army build...

DZC Paint Target:
2 Zeus - assembled
2 Ares - painting
2 Phobos - painting
8 Immortals - done
4 Junos - 2 done, 2 assembled
5 Neptunes - 3 done, 2 assembled
Hades - assembled
2 Helios - painting
2 Janus - done
2 Sirens - done (to be posted)
1 Triton A1 - done (to be posted)

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