Saturday, August 13, 2016

Battle Report: Name2 vs Issyria

Another pointlessly brief double battle report. No pictures. Just tracking for my own purposes.

My list: Nemo2, Squire, Dynamo, Centurion, 2 Ironclads, Reliant, Storm Strider, Mechaniks (6), Stockpile objective.

My opponent: Issyra, Chimera, Imperatus, Mechanik, Lanyssa, Magister, Artificer, Aspis, 2 Mage Hunter Assassins, Sentinels (10+UA), Electromancers, Destors (3), Heavy Rifle Team, Bunker objective.

Scenario: Extraction, fake 60 minute deathclock.

Despite having brand new casino dice, I got peed on again, but I did do a decent job of holding my own for a while. In the end though, I was getting attritioned out faster than I could deliver attacks simply due to a lack of the number of attacks I could produce. I felt like I was prioritizing targets correctly, but I just could do enough. Probably should have had a unit of infantry in there.

Lessons learned: Nemo2 is amusing, and there's some great synergy like him giving elite cadre bonuses to Storm Striders (since they are "Stormsmith" models). However in Mk3 his feat is just a bit more underwhelming now since Power Up is already granting 1 focus to everything.

Games this year: 44

Remaining Cygnar casters to play in Mk3: Caine2, Darius, Haley2, Haley3, Nemo1, Siege, Stryker2, Stryker3

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