Monday, May 29, 2017

KublaCon2017 Recap

No pictures. No detailed write up. Just stream of consciousness. I played 2 small Malifaux tournaments this last weekend. One at KublaCon and one at Game Kastle Fremont.

Kubla tournament:

Round 1: Got the bye unfortunately, but Chrissy offered to play me a pickup game. She played Arcanists (Ramos). Howard Langston is a beast but I managed to get 2 Gambles from the Stitched on it and nearly take him out but not before he whacked both my Waldgeist and Mr Graves. Rest of the battle was a jam in the middle but Ramos' spiders were nailing scheme points on the flanks. After 3 rounds I lost 6-4. My key takeaway in this game is that Chrisy DuBois is super badass. She is an incredible community builder.

Round 2: Played against Rezzers (Seamus). My opponent's execution fell apart after the first round. I went strong on one side with Dreamer and he basically tried to hold that Stash with a Doxie. Once I cleared that I was just shoving things at him to pin him back and keep pressure on the Strategy. Again my Framed Changeling pulled out points and I won 6-3. My key takeaway here is that losing models and getting lured isn't the end of the world if your opponent is busy not keeping the strategy in mind. He admitted to coming off of a previous weird game that left him with a bad mindset which very likely threw off his whole game.

Round 3: Top table! Gremlins (Somer). This may have been the most amusing game I played all weekend. Somer pushed right up into the center and was doing "bigger hat" on Dreamer which only worked once fortunately. In this game my key takeaway was that I had completely mis-read a feature of summoning Daydreams which results in the Primordial Magic being sacrificed once a Daydream is summoned. This was a really low scoring game and right near the end I got too preoccupied with trying to kill Somer that I spaced on my second scheme (Undercover Entourage) otherwise I would have won by just rocketing Dreamer to the far corner. The final score was 3-1.

Recap: I went 2-1 in this tournament, coming in second place, and earning myself a sweet mystery box that contained Miss Anne Thrope!

Game Kastle Fremont tournament:

Round 1: Played against Neverborn (Lucius) and who would become the tournament winner. This match was weird because we both had a bunch of the same models (Thorn, Waldgeists, Changelings, Mr Graves). My opponent just straight up out-played me though and his list had some really nice synergies in it (Terracota Warriors to give protection to key front-line models was a key takeaway. The final score was 6-3.

Round 2: Played against Gremlins (Zoraida) in what was a completely bizzare list to me. Zoraida with Animal Shape and Tarot Reading, Fingers, Burt Jebsen, Iggy, Rooster Rider, Nurse, Bayou Gremlin. Shockingly though the list worked great. I got schooled pretty hard. Key takeaway is NEVER play a Stitched Together against Zoraida. He also Obeyed one of my models to take a final hit on Burt to finish him off (who was also his Frame for Murder). Final score was 6-2.

Round 3: Played against Gremlins (Ophelia) and another highly amusing list. I don't remember it exactly, but it was roughly Ophelia, Old Major, Francios and a whole swatch of piglets (like at least 8). I owned this guy pretty hard. I ended up nailing Ophelia and Old Major, and the final score was 6-4.

Recap: I came in 6th place out of 8.

Final takeaway: Two hour time limits (including deployment) and playing all new stuff meant every game I played was only 3 rounds, which honestly was just a little disappointing to me. From what I overheard, out of both tournaments I think only maybe 2 games went to a 4th round.

Total games played this year: 8

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