Saturday, February 24, 2007

Doomshaper Disaster?

I've never had a model give me so many problems before I've been taking every precaution I normally would, but I've managed to drop Doomshaper 3 times now. One time his right arm broke off, and another time his left arm broke off. Fortunately both were at the glue points, but still it's incredibly frustrating having to re-glue and touch up paint that gets chipped. Fortunately in another half hour of painting I can glue him to the base and make him a bit more stable. In the mean time, I'm actually trying to do a primo painting job for my skills as best I can. I could probably do better, but the details on this model are pretty intense which make it hard to detail every bit, especially since I've tried to paint him fully assembled instead of in pieces. Anyway, time for sleep.

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