Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Victorious Defeat!

I played in a coin tournament at my LGS on Saturday. There were only 6 people in it unfortunately. It was a 3 round, 750 point Steamroller 3 (beta) set up. On the minus side, I only won 1 of my 3 games, and one of those I got completely humiliated. On the plus side though, I got a Protectorate coin (since I was the only Protectorate player there), and 2 of the 3 games I played I got the pleasure of very fun and friendly opponents. Here's the sum-up of the rounds:

Round 1: Assassins - Opponent: Cryx (Skarre). This one came down to VP's, and I basically pulled it out something like 9 to 6 by totally wrecking the Deathjack in the last round. Severius' feat and Eiryss were a constant threat to the Deathjack, but it was Gorman and the remaining Zealots that buried it in a single round. My opponent was totally civil and fun to play against though.

Round 2: No Man's Land - Opponent: Khador (eVlad). This battle was actually quite close, but eVlad and the Uhlans were pretty humbling. They wrecked a guardian and a castigator in a single charge assault. On the flipside though, they are totally a one-trick pony (no pun intended). After their charge I killed 3 of them and they broke and turned tail to run off the board. I think I got rolled a bit by not knowing all the calvalry rules, but it wasn't that important.

Round 3: Uh, the 3 control point one - Opponent: Cryx (eSkarre). This was the totally humiliating battle. I got utterly crushed. It wasn't even close. I lost something like 26 to 4 on VPs. My opponent was fun to play against though and I felt like I got defeated by a clearly superior strategist. His army was very slick and he executed very well. I didn't get suprised really... he just outmaneuvered me and neutralized my army's strenghts. Despite the total smashing I received, I enjoyed playing this game alot since it taught me a number of important lessons.

In the end, I had a great time, but I also feel like I need more troops to be able to compete better at a tournament. 2 squads is just not adequate at the 750pt level. Sorry no pics. Maybe next time.

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