Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Project: Transport

I'm going to start a new sub-project... building a better carrying case. I'm rather inspired based on a post from the Privateer boards. I've been using the Army Transport case for a while now, and I like it, but I have a couple issues:
  1. I have the small case, cause the larger cases are... well... large. I like the size of the small case.
  2. The trays, although very protective, are 1 per level in my case.
  3. It's hard to make a tray that will fit lots of models, and a varied set of models. Maybe there's a secret art to it, but I seem to have optimized my trays to specific models too much, and now I can't really store other models in those trays.

So my plan is simple: I want to create some trays that are essentially half-sized to the normal foam trays I have, and make them so that the models can stand upright (to avoid foam rubbing against the model's paint, and make the slots a little more flexible in terms of what models will fit. I've already got a pile of cardboard, so the real first step is to find the foam.

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