Thursday, July 17, 2008

Battle: Fiona vs Skorne

Last night Lance and I battled and it was, well, rather lopsided. I decided to give my new Cryx a break this time and try out an experiment with my mercs. I had listened to a recent Podthralls episode (#146) where they ranked Merc casters and it got me interested in trying out Fiona again. Here's the lineup:

Me: Fiona, Nyss Hunters (10), Sea Dogs (6), Aiyana & Holt, Rupert, and Gudrun
Lance: Hexeris, Bronzeback, Arcuarii (6), and the Totem Hunter

Early on, Hexeris presented himself as a target, but I was unable to capitalize due to some extraordinarily bad dice rolling. However later, I made 6 out of 9 tough rolls which was also a freak of statistics. Overall though, it felt like Fiona was keeping things under control most of the game. It was really a poor matchup between the lists due to 1) Hordes really doesn't work well until the 500pt level, and 2) Fiona's discord spell made for bad business against those Arcuarii that are weapon masters with reach.

The key features of my army were using Nanokian Brand on the Nyss to let them shoot through intervening models (making them lovely little assassins), and using Teglesh Mark on Gudrun to turn him into a fairly indestructable arcnode.

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