Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the Painting Desk: Magnetic Bases

CAUTION: The Magnets discussed in this post are NOT child-safe!

A little something simple from the painting desk. I've seen alot of discussion on the PP forums about using magnets to secure models into metal cases rather than using foam trays. I was at first skeptical, but I decided that given the pile of magnets I now had in my drawer from the failed Egregore experiment, I'd give it a try with this Cryx army. This tip is, to say the least, suprisingly good. I've added magnets to the undersides of the bases using just glue (no greenstuff) and then I have a small piece of sheet metal that I plop them on. It works great. As long as I don't jostle it too abruptly, they hold perfectly still and can even be suspended sideways and upsidedown without a problem. Below is a quick pic of one of the Witch Coven and the Harrower bases with magnets on them. Notice that the Harrower has a single magnet, and yes, it's strong enough to hold the model to the sheet metal upsidedown. I'm totally a believer and will be ordering more magnets.

For reference, the magnets I got are Neodynium Rare Earth magnets, 1/16" thick, 3/16" diameter. The magnet on the Harrower was a sample that the place I ordered from threw in for free which is 1/8" thick and worked perfectly for the large base. I haven't tested on medium bases.

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