Wednesday, December 31, 2008

87? Really?

[Apologies up front. I'm an engineering manager, and thus sometimes that side of my brain takes over and looks at metrics.]

So the year is up, and I was looking back at how much I painted this last year, using this blog as a tally sheet. 85 models! I couldn't believe I'd painted that much! There's a pretty good variety in there too. It was actually quite shocking to see how much stuff I'd painted, and how the effort had distributed out:
Cryx: 32
Mercs: 31
Menoth: 15
Trolls: 1
Cygnar: 1
Circle: 1
Minions: 1
Khador: 1
non-PP: 2

All things considered, I feel pretty good about my progress this last year. I developed a number of skills, entered KublaCon with an entry I felt good about, and overall got a lot of painting done. Compared to 2007 where I only painted 47 models, I also feel like my speed has really picked up, and I'm painting on a more regular basis with less downtime due to burnout. It probably helps that I've scaled back on other activities and learned how to manage my time better.

So what does 2009 hold for my painting hobby? After some not-so-serious thought, here's my top 3 goals for the year:
1) Close out my unpainted models down to 2 factions at a time.
2) Start a Legion army.
3) Enter KublaCon again with entries I feel even better about than last year.

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