Sunday, January 04, 2009

Random Stuff #951

So, today's post is really just a dumping ground for a bunch of thoughts and events.

I played another 1000 point game on Friday with Lance. Harbinger and eFeora against Zaal and Xerxis. It was a righteous brawl. No detailed report here, but the highlight for me was that the combo of eFeora and the Harbinger was awesome. Some pics...

For Christmas, my folks got me a mini 2-speed dremel which I am very much looking forward to trying out next week once I have a little more spare time. My in-laws are headed out tomorrow, and I have to go back to work tomorrow as well, so my normal routine will resume which I have mixed feelings about.

It's fairly cold here in the bay lately, so I may have to shift into assembly mode for a while as the cold weather sometimes plays havoc with primers and sealers. Ironic since I've actually got the Cephalyx Drudges almost done now (just a last bit of highlighting, cleanup and basing) and they'll be ready to seal. I'm thinking I'll finish up my remaining Cryx models before tacking anything else.


Nicolai C. Hansen said...

Well congratulations on the Dremel, hope to get one myself one day?

I enjoy your blog, keep us posted.


Scott said...

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the blog. Once I've gotten a chance to experiment with the Dremel I'll post my results.