Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cephalyx Drudges

Now this is my kind of squad. Notice the subtle majesty! Hands replaced with saws, swords and drills! Tubes that go from faces to crotches! The stink of being somewhere between alive and dead! That's right... these are the Cephalyx Drudge Mind Slaves. This rounds out my third Cryx unit.

I spent more time than I expected on these, despite them not really being too much above tabletop quality. The blending breaks down in a few places where I used washes and it pooled too much. I mostly followed the NQ #14 guide to painting them just to understand what they were doing with all that mixing of different colors. It was interesting. The flesh really does have a lot of interesting tone to it.

I experimented with one of the new GW washes (Devlan Mud) on this one. You can't really see where I used it anymore, but I was fairly impressed with it.

One thing I'm still not sure about is using metalics. I'd been experimenting with NMM techniques on some of my Cryx models, but not all of them. The Cephalyx and the Revenants all use real metalics, whereas everything else uses NMM techniques. It creates a little inconsistency in the overall army, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

Anyway, here's some pics in groups of 3...
And a group shot of everyone including the Slaver...
Unfortunately I just set my photo setup back up and didn't get the lighting right (again), but it's close enough.


Nicolai C. Hansen said...

It an amazing skin-tone you have archived on these models, I especially like the blue and purple in the darker areas of the shading. Once again a job well-done.

BTW: Devlan mud is definitely the new "Grunge" the product rocks.

Scott said...

Thanks for the feedback! I've been having a ton of fun experimenting more with color variations. It's really reshaping how I think about highlighting and shading.

And agreed about Devlan mud. Can't wait to use it some more to dirty up a jack!