Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hooray! I actually have a second painted Cryx warjack. And this one was a delight to paint. There is definitely a certain advantage to only painting models that I'm interested in painting. Then I'm not dragging my way through models that I'm only painting so that I can field them. I won't, of course, debate the competitiveness of such a model selection strategy.

I used the same scheme as I did for Deneghra on this one. Only fitting as the story on Nightmare is it's the jack that rescued her when she was cut in half by her sister, Haley. So I kept the same NMM scheme with rusted iron, dark green plates, and clean steel blades. Also the lava base reinforces that unity with Deneghra. I've been quite happy with the relatively uniform look of my Cryx force, and even though they aren't painted to as high of quality as I could do, I really enjoy the look of the force together.

One of the most fun parts of this model were all the glowing runes. They are sculpted as raised runes on the surface of the armor plates (and a couple of skulls). In order to really bring them out, I started with Iosan Green covering the raised portion and a small bit on the surrounding surface. Then I used Necrotite Green on the raised rune itself. Then to really step up the glow, I used some Cygnus Yellow in select spots to enhance the brightness of the runes. Typically I used it where rune lines cross, or on any dots, but also on a few rune ends. For the very top central runes I used a little pure white on the points where the lines cross to really enhance the glow. I'm really pleased how these turned out.

The NMM effect on this model is not so great, but I decided to limit the amount of time I spent on all the Cryx models. It's an interesting exercise to aim for the balance of speed and quality and see what turns out. I honestly do not regret doing this either.

Well, on to one last Cryx model!


Nicolai C. Hansen said...

Great work, you make me look bad?

How do you set up your photography? Background, lights and so on?


Scott said...

I'll post pictures of my photo space in the next couple days to give you an idea of what I've done.