Monday, February 16, 2009

Borka Kegslayer

Shortcuts: yes. Top quality: no. Happy: yes. This was actually quite a fun model to paint. It was a little intimidating to start with, but I really did enjoy it a lot. There's plenty of detail, but not overdone with little tiny bits of detail, and his scale and pose makes everything accessible. I could have easily spent more time on him, but I'm trying to stick to an already tight schedule. Plus I spent some time working on basing ideas for my forthcoming Legion projects.

Something in particular that could have gone better is the fur. I used a combination of drybrushing and washes, but unfortunately it created kind of a dirty effect due to the wash's liquid cohesion. I need to remember to add something to break down that cohesion on washes that go into "high texture" areas.

Something in particular that worked out well was the tartan. I managed to get nice crisp lines, relatively smooth shading, and added a little highlighting to even the lines.

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