Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pyg Keg Carrier

I was going to wait to post this guy until after I finished Borka as well, but Borka is still a ways from complete. Plus I wanted to feel like I'm still on track to finish up my trolls by the end of February. The three day weekend is exactly what I needed to unwind from a long hard stretch of work and get re-energized to paint. It seems like every once in a while I hit a wall for painting and have a hard time picking up the brush again. This time at least I didn't have that initial trepidation.

In all fairness, this was just a tabletop quality job. I didn't try for anything great here. All three of these remaining trolls are in this boat. I did spend a fair amount of time on the keg though. I wanted to really work on he wood grain.

This was the first model in a while that I primed black. I'd gotten so used to painting over white primer that I sort of felt like I'd lost my chops at first. White primer is certainly nice for some things, and speeds up some processes. However painting over black has one distinct advantage for me: It forces me to be more disciplined about how I lay down paint. My base coats get a better treatment for sure, and I find that I think more carefully about my colors.

Ok, anyway, back to work on Borka.

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i am jbarket said...

If this is just tabletop quality, my army barely counts as painted. Fantastic job.