Sunday, April 04, 2010

Death Marshal #3

Last of the three Death Marshals! This one had some additional work on the magical flames coming out of the coffin, but otherwise he was pretty much done from the assembly-line work on all three.

What went well:
* Painting all 3 together for the initial work, and then working them individually helped a lot. It also helps that it was only a group of 3 of them, rather than 6 or 10 like I'm used to with WM/H.
* The coffins. Based on the feedback, the coffins obviously worked out quite well. I'm probably happiest with them over everything else about these models.
* Different, but uniform. I feel like I did a pretty decent job of keeping a uniform tone to them all, but also captured the unique details of each pose.

What could have been better:
* Faces and skin in general were not my best work. I think some additional color would have helped, but I just didn't quite get that pasty-goth kind of look that I wanted.
* Being clumsy. I mean seriously... I dropped the one model off my desk. I broke the arm off the jumping one when attempting to pin him to the coffin. I have expected to accidentally spill a pot of paint on the third one. At least the recovery processes weren't so bad.

Well, 3 more down from my Malifaux backlog! Eventually I'll get there I'm sure. These models, like the entire line, were a joy to paint. Not that I dislike the PP line, but I definitely have a more consistently pleasant painting experience with the Wyrd line. At least so far that is. Pandora's avatar form is up next so we'll see how that goes.

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