Sunday, April 25, 2010

From the Desk: Pandora Progress

After struggling to find painting time, I managed to get the better part of today for it. I spent most of that time working on assembling the Angelius, and painting Pandora. Here's a shot of the work in progress. I'm definitely deep in the throws of frustration with this model. I'm sure once it starts to come together more I'll feel better, but right now I'm feeling like I should just hit it with a hammer and move on. Painting it in two pieces like this is necessary, but adds more frustration due to the awkwardness of working with it.


Maxus said...

STOP! Put on the parachute pants! NOW! It's hammer time!

Sigmar said...

Hi Scott,

Do you know where I can find a pic of an assembled version of this model ? It looks like it might fit into my army project, I'm looking for a model that looks as if it's suspended on a wave for my ocean based Warhammer Army

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Scott said...

The model is here on the Wyrd online store. If you search CMON, you'll likely find one or two there, although I haven't checked.

Happy Painting!