Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tournament Report: Any Random Saturday

Another local tournament has come and gone. I'm in an odd mood this evening so this report will be a little left of center. Please note that all ratings use the traditional rating scale of "jock itch" to "locomotive".

Players: 7
Number of douche bag players: 0
Format: SR2010
Point size: 35
Fun level: banana
My results: 3rd place
Tournament organization quality: box of drywall nails

My list: Fiona, Mariner, Gun Mages with Officer, Nyss Hunters (10), Grogspar, Dougal, Bokur, Eiryss, Aiyana & Holt, Reinholdt

Battle 1:
eStryker is badass. Even under Fiona's feat, he went for the assassination run. This first picture shows him boldly charging in and trying to put the hurt on Fiona. He did his overcharge thing and roll +11 str, which meant he was doing P+S 26!! However, at MAT 7, he needed 9's to hit, and even boosting that's rough with Fiona's feat stripping off a die. He rushed in and... miss, miss, miss! I breathed a sigh of relief and then tried to figure out how to finish him off. Unfortunately he'd disrupted the Mariner which put a real crimp in any plan to hit him with something hard.
The end result was I dog piled him, and just barely failed to do enough damage, mostly because the Bokur rolled well below average on his back strike. Then he counter-attacked, and got a really solid hit in on Fiona, but due to further bad dice rolling (which plagued us both), he just barely didn't kill Fiona. At that point she was able to finish the job. Victory for Thamar!

Battle 2:
eStryker again! Didn't I just kill you?!?! This battle was majestic. My opponent and I did great jobs of maneuvering to limit what each other could get done. I should have feated early, but as it turned out the second round feating worked better. In the end I ran my assassination plan. Nyss took a 9-man Nanokian Branded CRA against eStryker and nailed him with some damage. I unleashed Holt on him as well (Aiyana was too lady-like to slap eStryker around unfortunately) and put a little more damage on him. Then Fiona, in a brave gambit, charges Ol rowdy to close some distance, tosses out Teglesh Mark on Aiyana to get the rest of the range she needed, and tries to spell him down. eStryker's got 1 focus and sitting on 16/16 (def/arm). She rolls and hits. POW 12. Dice minus 4. She just needs to roll 8 or more on 3 dice and.... 3... 1... 1! Damnit! I gracefully forfeited at this point. This guy went on to get first place, which I'm not sure it makes me feel better or worse.

Battle 3:
At this point it's just for fun really and it turns out to be eCaine. That's right... 3 people were playing Cygnar and I ended up playing all 3 of them. This battle was pretty amusing. At this point I was tired, and out of the running for 1st, so I was a little sloppy. His list had a pile of shooting in it too, so we traded bitch-slaps. In the end, a mistake on my part (using Fiona's feat on turn 2) caused him to go for the assassination run. Here's an interesting thing to note: Shield Guard applies to Gunfighter attacks. So yes, in this picture, the Bokur standing behind Fiona was able to reach around and block one shot for her. In the end, that's exactly what it took to survive. He had Fiona down to 2 points left, and more of Thamar's luck saved the day. At that point I dog-piled him. It was actually Holt charging in from behind that put eCaine down.

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