Monday, May 31, 2010

KublaCon 2010 Update (part 2)

Kubla has come to a close for me. I'm pretty exhausted today, so here's a quick summary of the entire weekend...

Warmachine: In addition to the win in the Mangled Metal tournament on Friday, my teammate Aaron and I pulled out a win in the 2-on-2 multi-player event on Sunday. He was playing eStryker and I was playing Harbinger and we had some really good games.

Random: There were some amusing things going on, but the coolest new thing I saw was the remote control tank tournament, where each team got a random amount of time to move on their turn.

Classes: I managed to catch Lazlo's painting class. He spent a good hour demonstrating how to paint black and it was rather helpful. In addition he did demos of cloth texture and eyes. I think the take-aways for me were actually that having more paints in dropper bottles would really help my control of color, and some very valuable advice about how to avoid chalkiness that I need to try out.

Painting: Results for the painting competition were awesome. I only entered the open level (since last year I didn't get any golds). I got a silver for Typhon and golds for Pandora and the Lady Justice Guild crew. Afterwards I got to chat with one of the judges as well to get some feedback about Pandora and that was extremely helpful. I'll post that info when I get pics up of Pandora.

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J.A.M. said...

Scott, Your Lady Justice crew was by far one of my favorites in the display case. All your rewards are well deserved. I wish I got to meet you in person as I really am a fan of your painting, but was too busy helping out at the Paint and Take area (I was the guy helping Wayne give away all the awesome swag during the raffle draw at the award ceremony).