Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Blighted Legionnaires

After being out of action for quite some time, I've finally managed to get back to the painting desk. The tournament 2 weeks ago got me juiced up to paint again. I was hesitant to get back into painting after a month long break by jumping into a 10-man squad. However, it worked out great and these guys were completely reasonable to do as a group of 10. In hindsight, I wish I had taken the time to do some conversion work in order to make them all different looking, or have gotten 2 boxes of 6, but I can always get more in the future. The picture quality here is unfortunately pretty sad since I didn't take the time to get my photo setup back to top quality.

I made heavy use of washes to speed these guys up. I painted the metals first which has become my standard method for any models with a fair amount of metal showing, and then moved on to the other more minimal areas.

Next up on the painting queue are my second set of Incubi. It was very entertaining to put 10 of them in my list at the tournament and I'm looking forward to doing that again in the upcoming Genesis event.

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