Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Incubi, take 2

I'm not dead yet! Last night I managed to put the final work into this second set of Incubi and get them sealed. I've been working on them for a while now, but due to events in my life (described more below for those curious) I was unable to stay focused on them.

It is interesting to compare this set to the previous set. I think the bloodied flesh on the first ones came out better in color tone (although less smoothly blended), whereas the chiton on the heads definitely came out better on the new set. There are also some consistency differences between the two sets. I had forgotten how tedious these guys were to paint, with so many little details to work. If I wasn't painting a set of 5 at once, I could reasonable spend a lot of time on a single one.

On a side note, my recent lull in activity is due to other events in my life being pretty intense. My wife and I adopted a little boy which will likely prompt me to do a series of posts on making this hobby more kid safe. I'm actually pretty surprised that I was able to get any painting done given all the recent events in my life. Anyway, enough of that prattle. Today I need to run to my LGS to pick up more green stuff so that I can continue assembly of the Scythean.

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