Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Horrible Horrible Destructotron

Ultra-quick battle report time! Pardon the terrible pictures. It was also a heavily proxied game, particularly on my side.

Me: eLylyth, 2 Ravagores, Seraph, Teraph, Shredder, Stinger, 2 Shepherds, Forsaken, 5 Raptors, Thrullg.
Henry: Gunnbjorn, Bomber, Slag, Impaler, 10 Pyg Bushwhacker, Champs, 3 Longriders, 4 Krielstone Bearers with UA, Fell Caller, Runebearer

We used the Warmachine Battlefield Generator to set up our board, and the trolls won the initiative which was painful for me. I used my feat on the first round to lay out scather templates on most of the Pygs and then rolled up Thrullg into melee and put Counterblast on the nearby Teraph to create a no-win situation for them. This configuration of pain was referred to as the "horrible horrible dustructotron". However the sneaky trolls managed to wriggle out of the situation. Later in the game, as I was backing up and shooting, I had a chance to try and drop Pin Cushion on Gunnbjorn through the Spell Martyr. Unfortunately the spell missed, otherwise it would have probably been game over.

Eventually I was just continuing to back up into the corner and was down to just eLylyth and the 2 Ravagores. A clever use of a Pyg for the Bomber to target, along with just enough ranged, let the Bomber drop a boosted blast damage on her and finish the job. If it wasn't for that, I could have eventually mopped up probably, but it would have been dangerous.

Honestly, I haven't laughed so hard during a game for quite some time. Even though I lost, I feel like I won because it was such a fun game. Plus, I got to test out the Ravagore which led me to purchase 2 of them today. They will undoubtedly jump up in my painting queue ahead of many other things. I have to give a hats off to Henry's dice: I can't recall seeing so many successful tough checks before! Some of those Pygs survived 3 or more tough checks! Anyway it was great to try out the Ravagore and get a little more practice with a number of models that I haven't had much experience with and feel moderately successful.

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