Friday, September 24, 2010


Another quick post since I'm trading time for blogging to have more time for painting. I wrapped this guy up just this morning. It's a great model except that the head angle is a little weird. In hindsight, I probably should have fixed that.

For the base, I decided to keep with my rock theme for beasts, but I wanted to give a hint of the dig in ability that he has, so I sculpted a little fake mud on the rocks where his feat are placed. I know, I know... you can't dig into rock. You know what? Artist's prerogative.

This guy also has a tone of little spines all over him. I ended up taking some shortcuts on them to get him wrapped up.

Last note, his 7 appendages made it that much harder to reach all of the spines, the chitin, and the skin. There were a number of little mistakes that I had to clean up afterwards. Don't get me wrong, I still liked painting this model. It was just challenging and others out there that have a Teraph in their queue to paint should be aware of the challenges to reach all the parts of the model if you fully assemble it and attach it to the base before painting.

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Rob from Painted Addiction said...

Nice, Love the mud on the rock, Just like my cat, gets all muddy then comes over and jumps on the nearest clean
Thanks for the warning about the spines, I’ve got a Teraph on my desk waiting to break out of its blister pack for painting.