Friday, December 17, 2010

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

My painting pace seems downright terrible these days. All things considered I feel like I'm making good progress considering my circumstances (work/baby), but I'm still having trouble getting things completed. However, I managed to get Absylonia here finished out tonight. My photo setup is still in desperate need of tuning, so the photos are pretty badly off from the real life viewing. However I'm happily trading time away from fixing my photos to just get painting done.

Nothing really special to report about this model. Pretty standard techniques for my Legion stuff. I tried to spend a little extra time on her, but honestly my skills (read as: patience) have slid off a bit and it's nothing really special to talk about in my opinion. I'm in the midst of the 2 Ravagores at the same time so it was hard to stay focused on this model while the two big beasties were staring at me from across the paint table. Speaking of which...

1 comment:

Rob from Painted Addiction said...

I really like the green cloak, nice contrast to the base. Keep it up.