Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday Nights at the LGS

I'm one of the fortunate players who has a fairly thriving WarmaHordes community in the area. Not just that, but within a 2 hour driving radius, there are at least 3 game stores that have table areas and hold tournaments. My favorite and closest LGS not only holds monthly tournaments, it has an active press ganger who organizes Tuesday Warmachine gaming. Normally I have trouble making it to Tuesday Warmachine night, but since this was a vacation week, I was able to swing in for a couple games.

Before I cover a quick battle reprot, I have to give our PG (Ray) a shout out. This guy is great for a number of reason, but here's a couple things I really appreciated this week:
* He was purposefully organizing games, putting himself at the bottom of the wait queue for a game.
* He takes the time to know who all the players are, and suggests match-ups for players so that they get a good gaming experience.
* He strikes just the right balance of being polite and delivering some friendly smack talk.
* He's quite a sharp player and makes a very worthy opponent.

Ok, now for a quick battle report. I got 2 games in, which I'll try to recount with extreme brevity...

Game 1:
Me: Absylonia, Scythean, Carnivean, Raek, Stinger, Shredder, Forsaken
Wing: pVlad, Beast 09, Destroyer, IFP, Manhunter
Outcome: Victory!
Summary: I hadn't played against pVlad in MK2 yet (amazingly) so this was a bit of a learning experience. During his first strike he laid out good damage on both my heavies, but since he didn't kill them, Absylonia feated and it put me in a strong position. My counter-strike cut Beast 09 down to 3 boxes left and slaughtered half the IFP. From there it was a grind match that ended up with pVlad alone against Absylonia, a Stinger and a Shredder. Under Blood of Kings he is a tough customer, but I managed to pull out the win with a Stinger poison charge in the back.

Game 2:
Me: Absylonia, Scythean, Carnivean, Seraph, Stinger, Shredder, Forsaken, Deathstalker, Sorceress
Ray: Grim, Blitzer, Impaler, 5 Scouts, 10 Burrowers, 2 Fell Callers, Chronicler, 6 Nyss Hunters
Outcome: Victory!
Summary: This was a serious knock down drag out fight. I managed to swing around to Grim's flank with most of my army and started pushing towards him while using the Sorceress to put a temporary hold in the middle of the board with her wind ravager ability. I got a the drop on the Blitzer and took it out, but the burrowers with bonuses from the Fell Caller were just overwhelming, taking down heavy beasts pretty quickly. Absylonia and Grim were toe-to-toe for 3 turns in a row before Grim finally went down. In the end Absylonia was only left with her Scythean while the trolls still had at least 15 guys on the board still. However the early slaying of both troll beasts put Grim in a rough position such that he couldn't generate enough fury. This was a tough battle but very fun and a great learning experience.

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