Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blackhide Wrastler

Just a quick gallery post. It feels good to actually have a finished model again after such a long dry spell. This gets me even closer to functional with gators. Some notes about this model compared to other gators thus far...

I used dry pigments to do some of the weathering of his shoulder armor. It worked out pretty good overall I think, although the photo makes it hard to really see unfortunately.

This guy has more contrast on the skin than the previous gators. It's not so much as to make him look out of place compared to the rest fortunately. Honestly I like the stronger contrast. I think it gives him more table pop.

Ok, enough posting. On to finish up Calaban and get more stuff rolling.

1 comment:

Vladdd309 said...

Lovely work there - interesting colour choice, more vibrant than the studio scheme!