Monday, June 11, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Colossal Basing

I love painting. Seriously, I really gain great joy from paint. I've been in a serious slump lately due to work travel and Diablo 3. However my travel has died down dramatically, and I'm starting to emerge from my Diablo 3 fixation. Part of my ability to shake off that fixation is the inspiration I've gotten from following some specific blogs. Seeing updates on my iPhone's Reader app from various blog RSS feeds keeps a steady stream of inspiration pouring into my soul. To that end I'm going to start posting bits of inspiration to this blog. They might be really short, but the goal is to make them happen more frequently. So time for the first installment!

Today's inspiration comes from the Lost Hemisphere blog. The post is primarily an unboxing, assembling and painting of the new Cygnar Colossal model. While I do think it's a pretty cool model, and a helpful post, the real inspiration comes from the basing. Spud routinely impresses me by going the extra mile with some aspect of every model he does in his Free Time Black Hole series. This one is no exception. The basing really sets a story in place for the mammoth warjack. The mangled fence really helps tell the story of the Colossal marching across the battle field. Even though most of the basing elements are relatively easy to execute and not overly challenging, it's the composition that makes it so inspirational. Thanks Spud!

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