Monday, November 26, 2012


Finally done, after sitting around a long time. Proteus once again gets me to a complete set of painted beasts for Legion. Before I dive into the analysis, I want to reflect on plastics.

This was my first plastic warbeast kit to paint and I have to say that cleaning up mold lines on plastic models is just not my cup of tea. It's a different process from metal that I just don't do nearly as often. Cutting into a model with a knife is always more dangerous than using a micro-file. I'm sure eventually I'll get used to it, but for this project I missed a bunch of mold lines and it burned me in the final painting effort. Although I understand the move to plastics, I have to say my preference is still for metal. I'm just more used to it. For warjacks it is easier to clean up mold lines in plastic since many of the surfaces are fairly flat, but for the Legion heavies, it can be pretty challenging to clean up all the little spots.

What went well:
* Basing turned out nice. In particular the broken rocks in front help break up the visual look but not create too much distraction.
* I remembered to paint the rune before sealing!
* Chitin came out pretty well again. Nice to know that after not having painted this large chitin for quite a while that I could still replicate the look.

What could have been better:
* Again, cleaning up mold lines better would have helped.
* Tentacles could have been a little better, but to kick it up a notch I would have had to carefully highlight and shade each tentacle individually.

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Voiddragon said...

Hi, brilliant job!

What colours and techniques did you utilise to achieve the look of the chitin?