Wednesday, May 15, 2013

From the Desk: Archangel Nearly Assembled

So I've finally got myself a bit more focused on my painting desk and I made some serious progress the last couple days. Specifically on the wings.

As it turned out, I opted to order the Scythean spines from the PP parts store and use those as replacements for the wing claws. They are obviously different in shape, but I like the look of them overall. Here you can see also that I've got pins in place for the wings. I've actually got the whole thing assembled in that respect (other than some remaining gap filling), but I'm planning to leave the wings off for the initial painting work and then I'll clean it up afterwards. I'm even debating whether to leave them detachable for transport purposes, but the painter in me revolts at that idea.

Here's a shot of the entire assembled thing, excluding an actual base. There's a Stormguard there for size reference just for kicks.

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