Monday, May 27, 2013

LL13: Progress, Pain, and Procrastination

Well, it's down to just a couple more days before leaving for Lock and Load. I'm in a final mad rush of painting and assembly and pre-packing. The painting has turned into partial success and partial failure. I was hoping to paint 2 new things, but it looks like Lylyth is the only thing I'm going to get done. On the flip side, I have gotten a fair amount of assembly work donw. I have a second Angelius mostly assembled at this point, but it still needs some putty work that I'll probably try to wrap up before leaving.

I think the bigger challenge I'm facing is packing all my models. I want to bring my Croxorz and my Legion, but that's some 150 models, including 2 huge bases. Well, 3 counting Lylyth 3, but she's not fully assembled so it's not a big deal. In any case, I'll figure it out. Driving has an advantage of storage options that wouldn't necessarily be flying-friendly.

So what are my hopes for attending Lock and Load? Well, it's simple. First, I want to talk with other painters and share tips. Second, I want to have a great time playing a ton of casual games. So if you're attending and interested in getting a game in, I'll be floating in and out of the Iron Arena during the whole event. Come and find me!

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