Saturday, December 06, 2014

Battle Report: Nemo2 vs Directrix

So last night this happened...

Thunderhead was right up at the front and I don't think I've ever seen a model with so many statuses on it. In addition to being down to 2 boxes remaining, he had the following effects on him: Flare (from a servitor), Harm (from Directrix's servitor), Knocked Down, Backlash (from Directrix), Failsafe (from Nemo2), and he was on fire. Ironically despite this situation, he survived the fire with 1 box left, stood up, and electro-purged a bunch of models right around him and cleared a path for the Stormclad (after being Energized by Nemo) to slam the Corallary into Directrix. The game would have been wrapped up at that point but even against a knocked down model, snake-eyes still means a miss for the Stormwall. Stupid dice!

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