Thursday, December 11, 2014

Battle Report: pCaine vs eIrusk

So what do you do with Irusk is on a hill, in a cloud, behind a delta formation of shield walled Shocktroopers? You Caine him!
Tarin shadowfired the front shocktrooper. Then Caine advanced, Thunderbolted another Shocktrooper over Irusk, then Sniped himself, feated and put shots into Irusk. Then the Defender aimed and dropped a shot right into Irusk to finish him.

I freakin love Caine!

This sort of thing is what I love about Warmachine as a game. The old No Quarter Challenge pieces in the magazines really exemplified that sort of thing and I've always approached the game in that respect. This game was especially that case because when I pulled off this maneuver, I was already losing on scenario, the Defender's cortex was blown out, Aiyana was dead, and most of my Stormblades had been wiped out. I was losing both the scenario and attrition games. Assassination was my only remaining option, so I needed to puzzle out a solution.

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