Sunday, May 17, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #87

Countdown to Lock and Load: 17 days (before driving up).

No pictures this week. My desk is actually somewhat empty. The Squire and Journeyman got finished this morning and the Stormsmiths are not started yet. I'm actually doing this post early cause I expect to crash early. I spent a big chunk of today installing new recessed lighting in my living room area. The project is about half done but most of that work involved holding things above my head. On the plus side, the work is about half done. Also, I'm flying out tomorrow morning for work for a couple days. In fact the next two weeks before Lock&Load are packed with work travel and meetings and lots of junk so I'm not sure how much more painting I'll be getting done before then. Out of the 17 more days before I get into a car to drive to Seattle, I'll be traveling for work 6 of them.

Final Unbound Push:
  • Stormguard - done
  • Storm Strider - done
  • Stormsmiths - primed
  • Squire - done
  • Journeyman - done
  • Gun Mage re-basing - painting bases

Total Cygnar points painted for Unbound (now tracking theme-based mercs):
  • Casters: +45 pts (8 models)
  • Warjacks: 175 pts
  • Battle Engines: 9 pts
  • Units: 57* pts
  • Solos: 27 pts
  • Merc Solos: 8 pts
  • Merc Warjacks: 5 pts
  • Merc Units: 4 pts

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