Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Storm Strider (take 2)

Technically this was finished last Saturday but I've been sorely behind on blogging due to work/life/sick events. Painting a second one of these was both fun and quick. I really enjoy the huge based Cygnar kits in general and I'm really looking forward to having two of these on the table at the same time.

The "pose" on this one is a little different, partially by accident and partially on purpose. It's leaning forward a little bit as if it's about to fire a massive strike. When I was first lining up the legs after pinning, I discovered that it had a bit of a lean. It would have been easily corrected, but I decided to keep it as I liked the look of it. I will say that on the flipside, for some reason the overhead bar above the central ball came in really close on the ball itself which still baffles me a bit. However, it's done, so in the spirit of completing and moving on, I'm moving on!


Curt said...

Lovely work. Can I ask the paint formulation you used for your turquoise energy effect?

Scott said...

Thanks for the kind comment! The glow is pretty easy. I base coat P3 Arcane Blue, then highlight with P3 Frostbite. Next I glaze with a 50/50 P3 Turquoise ink/water mix, then go back and highlight again with P3 Frostbite.