Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Saeryn and Rhyas Talons of Everblight

Let's see how much I write up in 5 minutes here. Loved painted these two. Great sculpts, albeit a little tedious to put together and handle due to the flowing sashes. I went a little out of style for myself and did some OSL on the glow from Saeryn's hand just for fun. Otherwise these are pretty standard for my Legion painting. For not having painted a Legion model for quite some time, I have to say I'm pleased with how these turned out. Sorry the picture tint is off though.

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Derek said...

Great job on htese two. I'm not all that inpressed with the new Rhyas sculpt, not much of a change from the old one. Bigger hair is all. She of all the casters could do with beign more dynamic!